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The HIGH RISE HOOPS Consulting (HRHC), LLC, provides college recruiting consulting for basketball recruiting. Our mission is to provide individualized support, evaluation, and promotion to aspiring student-athletes seeking to play men's or women's basketball at the collegiate level.

Our fee-based service is designed to match student-athletes with the schools that best fit their academic and athletic goals. We assist in creating a personalized list of schools and connect student-athletes with coaches who evaluate their transcripts, scores, and film to determine the best fit.


Often, families do not know the proper steps for getting recruited. Although HRHC, LLC can not guarantee scholarship placement, we can guarantee a step-by-step process and advocate for players getting recruited. 

basketball recruiting

At HRHC, we offer a comprehensive approach to college recruiting, taking into account each student-athlete's unique needs and aspirations. We have in-depth knowledge of the academic and athletic programs, student population, and graduation success rates at colleges and universities across the country. We also are establishing relationships with coaches at boarding schools and prep schools throughout the United States, providing additional options for families.

Our hands-on formula for finding the right college fit for student-athletes has been developed through years of experience. We believe that every student-athlete deserves an opportunity to pursue their passion for basketball while obtaining a quality education. Our team is committed to providing the guidance and support needed to make this a reality for each of our clients.

Thank you for considering HRHC for your college consulting needs. We look forward to helping you navigate the complex world of college recruiting and finding the right fit for your future success.

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