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"Embarking on a transformative journey in basketball training at High Rise Hoops, where we inspire athletes to evolve into exceptional athletes."

mental focus as a basketball player

Mental Performance

Our mental performance program focuses on being a better athlete by enhancing cognitive abilities, resilience, and emotional regulation 

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Speed & Agility

Designed to improve your overall speed & agility through a combination of drills and exercises that focus on enhancing your footwork, reaction time, and coordination.

basketball teammate

Leadership & Communication

Designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively lead teams and enhance their communication techniques.

🏀 Elevate your child's game with our cutting-edge basketball shooting training! Tailored for tech-forward parents seeking elite skill development. 🚀

Elevate your child's basketball game through our expert shooting training. Convenient, personalized, and backed by trusted trainers and coaches

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Basketball shooting

Our Mission

At HIGH RISE HOOPS, we're rewriting the playbook on basketball skill development. Our dedication lies in unlocking the full potential of young athletes. Beyond conventional training, our intelligent methods delve into the heart of the game. Our unique program focuses on nurturing higher basketball intelligence, equipping athletes with the essential knowledge to excel. Our ultimate goal is to enhance their game comprehension, enabling them to seize control of their basketball destiny.

Our team of experienced coaches is committed to creating a supportive and challenging environment where players can thrive. Through a combination of personalized training, group sessions, and game analysis, we work with players to develop their individual strengths and overcome their weaknesses. We also focus on building essential leadership skills, such as communication, teamwork, and decision-making, that are vital both on and off the court.

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Our Training Camps & Clinics


Designed to help players get comfortable with the ball and improve their technique and form so as to enhance their shooting accuracy.


Learn how to read and react to different game situations, identify opportunities to create scoring chances for team with the ball.


Improves ability to score and to become more effective offensive players (shooting, footwork, ball handling & creating space to get open shots)

basktball drills

Meet The CEO

Coach Clayton's skills and dedication have resulted in numerous successes over the years. In 2006, he led his AAU 8th grade boys basketball team to first place on the entire west coast. More recently, in 2022, Coach Clayton's 16u boys basketball team won first place in the Prep Hoops circuit during his tenure at Rancho Elite Academy.


In the 2021-2022 high school basketball season, Coach Clayton served as the boy varsity assistant coach that won the CIF 5AA Southern Section Championship and finished in the quarterfinals of the State Regionals.

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We are here for you!

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